Silly sick Jozy

Jozy and I have this yucky cold that refuses to budge from our bodies, but especially from my giggly happy little girl. I hate when my girls are sick, I would gladly take the pain from them, even in my already weaker state. But last night after a really sad day, when I realized that Jozy would be 3 in a month, I got some unexpected mommy/Jozy time.

For some reason night time medicine makes, our girl super spazzy and last night she was a serious hoot. When I would say its time for bed, she would jump up tag me, giggle and run to hide. Shaking my smiling head I would give in for a split second and then scope her off to bed.. A few moments later she would be up with an awfu, cough. So, there would be more snuggles and lots of water. I really wanted to remember my silly little Girrafe who fights colds with giggles and smiles. And I want to Thank God for last night and the extra little time I so needed yesterday.

Some Jozy phrase......

"Mommy, when you are Becci's age will you get flowers all the time too?" Hubbins was not as amused as me by this statement. High five at the awesome hints little bit!

After a yawn, she turned her head from me and said "mommy, you no see that yawn. It wasn't a yawn, I just Me-ow....See no yawn, no bedtime." I couldn't help but laugh at this.

If she coughed she would try to cover it up with a silly song.

The list goes on and it went a long way to making me feel so much better.


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