Trendy Tot

Just doing a quick trendy tot this week. I love this link up but there's a ton on my plate and mind today (I'll share more later) so I just want to show off some recent outfits. 
Ladybug is rocking some super cute outfits this week. A lot of fun pinks and reds for Vday on Friday. Sadly, she's not as in too pictures so I only have a few to share. 
I love the pink and white striped sweater!!!!!
We did a Jammie photo the other day. This is her monkey look. Lol
And since Sunday was still cold and snowy, she wore her favorite outfit. 
The guitar is the best accesory EVER!

Jozy has been big on Superheros lately and is obsessed with her batgirl (stolen from her cousin) and super girl shirts. She usually pairs them with a tutu. 
We also updated her clothes and pulled out the 4t's. This girl is tall like her daddy and sister so needed to go up a size. I love seeing some of my favorite outfits back in rotation! 
And of course a snowy church day outift.....


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