Trendy tot

Yay for my favorite link up and the one I look forward to every week, Trendy Tot Tuesday. I love my girls and their fashion. As they have gotten bigger, they have become a little more independent and their style has begun to change a little. Some of that is because I tend to gravitate toward clothes for little ladies. Not always, I am still a tshirt and jeans girl at heart so that is clearly represented when it comes to the girls. 
Anyway, a couple weekends ago my mom and I caught some killer sales for the girls and I want to share some of their looks from last week. 
Both shirts are from Crazy8 and ended up being only $1.19 each (SCORE!)
Bug's skirt is also from Crazy8 ($2.19) and Jozy's pants are from Children's Place ($1.99)
I love this Zebra shirt and it has become one of her favorites. 

I got the two hats the girls are wearing at Children's Place (2for$1)
The shirt and skirt are Crazy8 and the tights Target

Sweatshirt: Children's place ($5)
Jeans: hand me downs

These have to be one of my Favorite outfits from the week. (though we did have to change Jozy into jeans.) I also love the little raccoon hat we found on our trip home last weekend.

Vest/Shirt: Carters
Skirt/Pants: Target a few years back

Sweater:Shopko Vest(above pic): Carters

Ok, so this isn't a new dance outfit but it was so cute that she went very traditional. It's not something she does often so I had to document. I also just love her poses.

Shirt: Carters

Hoodie:Shopko (her favorite)


The crowns and shirts were their Vday gifts from Hubbins and me. The crowns were found in the target spot section for $1 and the girls love how easy they are to wear.


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