Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Monday, March 31, 2014

A picture post of a day in our life.

I did this last August and it's still one of my favorite posts. Our lives have changed since then and I wanted to document that now. So prepared for a photo overload.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Trendy Tot

A couple weeks ago on Trendy Tot Tuesday, I focused on Lil Giraffe. So, today I am showing of one of my favorite Ladybug outfits. Yesterday was a lazy day of babysitting and the girls hung out with me. Ladybug went with a super comfy but really cute outfit. I would totally steal this look. 
Sweater dress: Crazy8
Leggings: a gift (walmart or target)
I love her scrunchy face smile. It brightens my day every time. 
Look at how tiny and adorable my girl is and seriously this is the cutest outfit for her. 
Of course, not to be left out here is Lil Jozy rocking her lazy day outfit of boy jeans and a tank too. Pretty sure I have the cutest girls and they can rock anything. 

Finish This

I know it’s a little weird but....I have a mild obsession with sing random songs very off key. My mom would make up new songs or new words to well know songs growing up. It's something that I now do. My Hubbins jokes he can tell when I'm in a fabulous mood because my songs get louder and sillier. 

When stopped at a stoplight, I.....dance like a lunatic or check my phone or make silly face in the mirror with my girls. Basically, I am a giant dork and I am completely ok with that. 

My guilty pleasure is....reality tv. I don't know why it's so addicting and it is very much like watch a train wreck. However, I do love watching someone else drama and knowing that mine isn't so bad. 

My favorite way to unwind....a good book or my journal. I love the written word and there is nothing better than some good music and some quiet time to journal. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

It's only a number

As I go on my weight loss journey and deal with my frustration at the slow process; I also look at how my girls see this. Right now getting on the scale is a fun activity for them. It's cool and they get excited about it. I don't want that to change or for them to hate the scale one day. 
I've worked hard to show the girls the importance of following their own path, having their own style and really embracing who they are. But I struggle with the number on a scale and I know that society will help teach them to fight in the skinny wars. I don't want that. 
Because of this, I focus more on loving me, on being open and honest with my girls about looks, and teaching them the importance of inner beauty. I struggle everyday to ignore that number and I'm not sure that's any healthier. I want the girls to love whatever number the scale says as long as they are healthy. 
Since this year is about change, I am changing how I see me and my relationship with Mr. Scale. We are going to become friends and whatever number he gives me will be smiled at. I want to get healthy not have a smaller number. As a mom of girls this is my hardest but one of my most important struggles.

Wish me luck!