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1. My boobs areMy obsession some days. I'm not going to lie. I LOVE and I do mean LOVE my boobs. I can't tell you exactly why or when I began to feel this way. But truly they are the perfect size and though one is a bit lazy, they are awesome. Ok...I can go on but not sure my family needs details. 
2. My heart isHealing.....I don't want to go into details but I've gone through some sad times but thanks to the wonderful people in my life and my beautiful girls, my heart is on the mend. 
3. One thing every woman should knowHer self worth and that it is not wrapped up in her looks. If my girls know this and how to truly love and be loved then I will have succeed as a mom. 
4. My breakfast typically consists ofEither a green smoothy or an egg and turkey sausage 
5. I’m so glad I learned the secret awesome my mom is and how truly strong and wonderful she is. She had to make a lot of tough choices when I was growing up and I used to be upset about some of them. However, once I became a mom and had to make tough choices, I realized just how brave and amazing she truly is. Because of this our relationship has grown and I appreciate her on a whole new level. 


  1. LOVE THIS POST!!!!! High-five for being as awesome as your boobies, celebrate the ta-tas. I wouldn't know what to do without the appendages attached to my chest, right?! I love your heartfelt, genuine responses this week. Your daughters are blessed to have you as their momma. BIG HUGS

  2. Thanks. I was a little scared of the questions (minus the first obviously) but I really want to step out of my comfort zone a little.

  3. Fantastic that you can realize how great your mom is while she is still alive and you can appreciate her. Awesome responses today!

  4. Your answer about the boobs made me giggle. Go YOU!! I am so glad to hear that your heart is on the mend.


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