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I know it’s a little weird but....I have a mild obsession with sing random songs very off key. My mom would make up new songs or new words to well know songs growing up. It's something that I now do. My Hubbins jokes he can tell when I'm in a fabulous mood because my songs get louder and sillier. 

When stopped at a stoplight, like a lunatic or check my phone or make silly face in the mirror with my girls. Basically, I am a giant dork and I am completely ok with that. 

My guilty pleasure is....reality tv. I don't know why it's so addicting and it is very much like watch a train wreck. However, I do love watching someone else drama and knowing that mine isn't so bad. 

My favorite way to unwind....a good book or my journal. I love the written word and there is nothing better than some good music and some quiet time to journal. 


  1. I believe the SAME WAY about reality TV. The Real Housewives are ridiculously over-dramatic but watching their shenanigans makes my life seem so normal!!!!!

  2. Yes, you'd be the one that makes me laugh at a stop light.


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