Happily Ever After

When I was little, I watched all the Princess movies and painted this picture in my head of prince charming and happily ever after. I dreamed of the man who would swoop in and change my whole world. We'd ride of into the sunset towards our castle in the clouds. We'd ride horses everyday and go on grand adventures. Then as I got older the fairy tale changed. I'd rescue myself or at least help defeat the bad guys. Maybe I would be the one to save the prince, but we still lived happily ever after in our cloud castle. Then somewhere along the way I became jaded and didn't want a man, or marriage, or any of it. I would create my own happily ever after.

At one point, I imaged living in this tiny town in Washington right on the ocean beach. When I wasn't traveling the world, I would wonder down to an itty bitty local coffee shop and work on my novel. I'd have those nerdy preppy glasses and look hobo chis. Very unglamorous awesome. But I would be mysterious and not need a man. I'd come home every once in awhile to spoil my nieces and nephews but for the most part it would just be me and what I create.
Through high school and a few years afterwards, that was the goal. The little town on the coast and a home coffee shop. There were a few guys that almost changed that. (2 that had great potential and 1 that broke my heart into tiny pieces and reinforced my version on Happily ever after.) But none of them ever really worked or stood up to the prince I needed. The one who would break down all the walls and complete me. Sometimes, I still think about that girl in the coffee shop. The one who wanted to take on life by herself, the girl I thought I wanted to be. I think about all the things she would have missed out on.

Because my prince did come. I didn't realize it at first though. He is this funny, quirky,  amazingly creative guy who didn't sweep in but in his own stubborn way snuck up and stole my heart. We never rode of to our castle either but we do get be on this amazing grand adventure. We have the best happily ever after. It's more real than the childhood prince charming and so much stronger than the dreams from the younger me. Its not glamorous or perfectly unglamourous. It's beautiful and blissful. Its crazy, stressful, hard but perfect. Our days are filled with toddler and dog fights and then crazy cuddles. Of "ew" when the girls see people kissing, of lots of sass, made up songs and wonderful stories from Bug. Our life is filled with tantrums, little girls fighting bedtime, a messy hose, long hours of hard work and so much more. Best of all our lives our filled with giggles, adventure, hope, fun, hugs, kisses and love. Oh, how our happily ever after is over flowing with LOVE.

That girl in the coffee shop, her life may have been full of adventure and maybe in another life I'll get to experience all of that. But I think it would be lonely and unfulfilled. Because right now, she may be writing in a quiet little coffee shop instead of last at night on a couch while dodging the squirms of a very wide awake toddler. Yes, she is most defiantly missing out because being Mommy is the best Happily Ever After. I love our happily ever after. It may not be a Disney Fairy Tale but it is so much better.


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