It's only a number

As I go on my weight loss journey and deal with my frustration at the slow process; I also look at how my girls see this. Right now getting on the scale is a fun activity for them. It's cool and they get excited about it. I don't want that to change or for them to hate the scale one day. 
I've worked hard to show the girls the importance of following their own path, having their own style and really embracing who they are. But I struggle with the number on a scale and I know that society will help teach them to fight in the skinny wars. I don't want that. 
Because of this, I focus more on loving me, on being open and honest with my girls about looks, and teaching them the importance of inner beauty. I struggle everyday to ignore that number and I'm not sure that's any healthier. I want the girls to love whatever number the scale says as long as they are healthy. 
Since this year is about change, I am changing how I see me and my relationship with Mr. Scale. We are going to become friends and whatever number he gives me will be smiled at. I want to get healthy not have a smaller number. As a mom of girls this is my hardest but one of my most important struggles.

Wish me luck!


  1. I've been thinking a lot this week myself about how much of a setback I've had since summer with my weight loss goals (I've gained back 20 lbs since summer and the body I really loved), and I really needed to read something like this to get me thinking about the effect I have on my daughter in this area. It's always something good to think about.

    1. I'm glad it helped get some perspective or maybe a little more self love (though I know that's harder than it sounds). It's nice to hear this touched someone else. Good luck with everything and remember a set back is just that. It's not a final say or end of the game.


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