Jozy's 3rd bday letter

Happy Birthday, Little Leprechan! I can't believe it's been three years. You've enriched our lives and brought so much luck. I am so excited for this coming year and watching your personality blossom. You are most deffinatly our lil mischievous Leprechan. You have so much curiosity and combined with your fearlessness, I strongly believe you will go to amazing places and do incredible things. You already look for new adventures and are constantly finding something new to get into. So, I know that you will have a fun adventurous life. 

This last year, you have become little mama. You love to care for all your babies and help with your niece.  You also have such a gentle heart for animals and are quit the animal whisperer. They come to you so easily and love you quickly. Your imagination has also started to emerge. You love pretending to be animals (mostly kitties) and come up with some of the best songs. 

You are also building such a wonderful bond with your big sis. She's your hero and you have all the faith in the world that she will protect you from the bad guys. Though you are more than happy to protect her. Watching that bond grow this year has been one of my best blessings. 

I'm so not ready for you to be 3! You're my baby and I desperately want to keep you little for longer. But you will become a preschooler this fall and I am excited for the new adventures this year brings. I plan to snuggle you for longer and get all the sweet cuddles and kisses I can out of you though. I hope you never outgrow mommy cuddles and kisses better. I love our silly games we play and I will never stop needing those special moments with you. 

Happy Birthday, Jozy. Your mommy loves you so very very much. 


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