Trendy Tot Tuesday: Irish Love

I was going to post a few cousin pics and maybe some of Jozy's 3 year photoshoot, but Hubbins hasn't gotten them to me. (I'm hoping if I put it here, I'll actually get them.) I will do those next week and today share the girls cute St Paddy outfits from yesterday. We did a little photoshoot before bug's preschool. 
Shirt: children's place/ jeans:hand-me-downs
Scarf:homemade from one of my old tank tops. 

Her shirt says "mommy's Irish princess" which fits perfect since yesterday was also her birthday. 
Shirt:children's place /tutu: Gymboree last year
And some fun St Paddy hair that didn't turn out exactly right but I still like it. 


  1. I'm so jealous of their hairstyles, I can't do anything cute with Allie's. And the scarf...I need to get Allie some scarves...

  2. Okay, I just read it was homemade...yep, I"m doing that! lol Thanks for the idea!


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