Trendy tot Tuesday

don't normally show case just one of the girls but I loved this outfit on Jozy and had to share. 

How cute is she? Like I said last week, the girls style seems to shift to outfits that I would wear. This is a perfect example. I love the over sized sweatshirt with some awesome lace detail on the shoulder. It's the perfect feminan touch. Matched with her comfy boyfriend style jeans, super cute glasses and hat; and we have a winner! Seriously, my favorite outfit lately. And I'm thinking of doing a one piece of clothing several styles with both the jeans and the sweatshirt. What do you think? 

Not to be left out and to totally contradict my post. This is what Bug picked out to wear today.
It was totally her and she pulled it off flawlessly. I love my girl. 


  1. Love that last pic---she's got personal style for sure! :-)

    1. Me too. We have to curb it in some days but for the most part I try to let her do her thing. I love it a lot.


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