Easter Sunday-pic overload take 2

Easter was such a fun day this year and I am very grateful to Susan and Bob for having our little family over. 

Late Saturday, we loaded up and followed my brother and his family to my sis-in-law (to be) parents house. They have such a beautiful home and are amazing people. The girls instantly decided they wanted to stay forever. (I'm sure the "tree house" was the original cause, lol) 
But truly, it was a wonderful time. So with out further ado, here are pics of our Easter.
The munchkins woke up super early Sunday morning and were ready for an egg hunt and some baskets. 
Don't mess with this bunny!
After church and breakfast, everyone went outside. It was such a gorgeous day and all the kids got some great outside toys. There was an epic water fun fight, bubbles, and chalk oh my! 
She had so much fun running up and spraying people. She'd say "I got you" and then run off giggling. 
While the kiddos napped the women went to a near by school to hide a ton of Easter eggs for the kids and a few neighbor kids to find later. It was a total blast and all the kiddos made out like bandits. 
This was after the park egg hunt that I totally forgot to get pictures of. 
Monday morning breakfast with this crazy smiling crew. 
All five kiddos on Monday before we left to go shopping and then home. 


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