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I don’t get time. I feel like we are on a dead sprint from Sun-Wed. And then Thursday is spent catching up on house stuff. So usually it's just the weekends but those get filled up with friends, birthdays, errands, oh my! Don't get me wrong. I love being busy and spending time with everyone, but lately I feel like escaping with my family. Running away for the weekend or long week and just be together. 

My favorite indulgence.....Target, tied closely with little girl clothes. There's something a little crazy or magical about Target. But seriously, how do you not find a little joy in that store? The colors, the textures, the fun! I'm pretty sure I have never gone in that store and left empty handed. As a matter of fact if we don't have money I avoid it like the plaque. However, buying new clothes, shoes, or hair stuff for the girls. That's a whole lot hard to quit, especially since they get so very excited over their clothes. 

I made a major change in my life when......I am no longer working at the hotel. This wasn't completely my descion but it's one I am very blessed was made. It's hard for me to not have a steady paycheck or more control/contribution with finances. But I am excited for the next adventures. I am ready to see what God has in store for me. I think maybe I was wrong, giving myself to faith and God was the biggest change in my life. 

You should read....if you have girls I recommend the Ladybug girl series. It's an awesome series for girls to help with self confidence and showing them they can do anything. I'm also reading Power of a Praying Wife. It's very inspirational. I could probably go on and on with good books. 

____ is my secret ingredient in.....I don't use premade seasoning (ex. Taco seasoning) and I don't measure. I go off of taste and what looks good. I rarely follow recipes (except when baking), so I don't really have a secret ingredient. 


  1. Target makes me happy too! It's always a treat to go there. We don't even have one in our town, it's about 40 minutes south, but that's probably for the best! lol

  2. Target is a very fun place, I go there when I want to walk and it's nasty/cold/rainy outside. I usually keep my wallet in the car, though, because I could spend a fortune in a blink of an eye!!!!

  3. Family time is indeed important, and as your girls get older you will find that you have to squeeze it in where you can, like during car rides to drop them off or pick them up from their activities! I always made sure that we all sat down for breakfast together before the kids went off to school and I went off to work. It was tough, but worth it!


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