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My favorite vacation spot is …anywhere. I love to travel and explore. Some any place new or different is perfect. Any place that I can experience a new culture or see something extraordinary is a favorite. 

If I won a million dollars I would …pay off all our debt, buy a house, put half into savings accounts for the girls when they are older, invest maybe, give to charity, and help family members out. 

If I could go on a date with ONE celebrity, it would be …I'm not big on celebrity crushes and never have been. So there isn't anyone I would go on a date with. That being said I think it would be tons of fun to hang out with Jennifer Lawrence. She's hilarious and seems to be genuine. 

If I found a genie in a bottle, my three wishes would be …I wouldn't wish for anything. Wishes are tricky and often times go very wrong. I believe that it's a cheat or short cut. Those are never good and rarely lead where you intended them to go. I believe in making my own wishes come true with faith in God's path for me, love, and hard work. 

My favorite clothing item is …FLIP FLOPS! I live in mine as often as I possibly can in MT. If there is no snow on the ground my feet are in flip flops. I hate shoes and would rather be bare foot. Since this isn't always practical flip flops are the next best thing. I love them. 


  1. Great responses, Holly, thanks for participating in another week of Finish This! I love to travel as well, and experiencing new cultures, food, and environments. I forgot about flip flops but AGREE with you one thousand percent, I could go barefoot 24/7 too. Want to know why Jennifer Lawrence is a cool girl? She's from Kentucky. 'Nuff said. (Coming from another Kentucky girl!!!!!!!!) hahahahahahaha

  2. I've never been able to wear flip flops. They give me a freakish feeling that my big toe will be ripped out of place and then I would have this hideous looking foot. Kidding.

  3. Oh I love flip flops. I love showing off my cute nail polish.


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