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On Saturday morning, I usually....wake up slowly with my girls. We rush through our mornings during the week because I have to be at my brothers by 7:30am, so on Saturday we take our time. We cuddle on the couch or in Hubbins and my bed. We watch cartoons or read books. I make a big family breakfast and we unwind. It's something I look forward to and cherish very much. 

I feel beautiful when...lately all the time. I've worked hard my self confidence and loving who I am. It also helps that the girls and Hubbins tell me I'm beautiful or awesome all the time lately. I also put a little more effort into me. So I am confident and beautiful everyday. 

I wake up every morning....and groan. It take a few minutes for me to really wake up and start the day. I hate getting out of bed. However once I am up and moving, I wake up and have energy. 

A happy filled with laughter. My house is not perfect and I'm not a great housewife with an immaculate house, but there is love and laughter. There are two little girls who play dress up, have tea parties and sing at the top of their lungs, we read stories and there is A LOT of noise. My home is happy and filled with love. 
When I have down time, I....hahaha...down time, what is that? Ok, I'm truth, I get down time if both my niece and Jozy nap together. During that time I do yoga, read a little, catch up on some blogs and try to relax. 
(The pictures don't go with the questions but they are from this last week and make my happy home beautiful)


  1. Your house sounds absolutely perfect, LOVE the genuineness of a house that's lived in and filled with lots of love and laughter. That's the best kind of house if you ask me!!!!!


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