Five on Friday

(one) our amazing Church Small Group. Not just the topic which I'm learning so much about but the people. The friendships, we are making and all the wonderful people who have touched our lives and the fellowship that comes with it. 

(two) Hello, cleaned and organized girls room. The girls share a rather small room and it get black hole-ish very quickly. However after five hours, a ton of trash bags, and some inexpensive organizing, we have finally found a workig system. I still need to add a few touches and maybe paint, but this room is by far my favorite. 
(three) Days like these. It's so nice to have warmer weather snd be able to take the kids to the park. But what's even better is for the moment we are blessed with extra family time. Since, I know it will change soon, I am embracing every moment. 
(four) Ladybug had an Easter egg hunt at school on Wed. I love her teachers and all the fun things they do with the class. We are so blessed and grateful to have the same teacher as last year and hope Jozy gets her next year too. The class always includes lil giraffe and it's so sweet to watch my girls hang out together at school. 
(five) This little girl! Oh, where to start with her? She is my mini me in so many ways and I do love it. But I would be ok if there was a little less sass. Since Ladybug spent the night with her cousins last night, Jozy got plenty of one on one time. It was so much fun to get to giggle and play win just her. I love both my girls in epic amounts, but sometimes a little one on one is very much needed. And Jozy has so much personality and spunk that last night was a blast. 


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