Trendy Tot Tuesday: Easter outfits

I haven't don't trendy tot in a couple of weeks, but the girls had some super cute outfits for Easter.  We more traditional Saturday when we celebrated with Hubbins's parents. 
Their grandma picked up the dresses earlier in the year and the rest of the outfits are things we found in their closet already. I really love how they turned out and the dresses are perfect for twirling. 
They did switch into something comfier for an dying and hunting eggs. 
Sunday, we were invited out to my soon to be sis-in-law's parents for Easter. It was so much fun and I'll post more later, but here are some of their outfits from the day. 
I loved these outfits for Easter. Aidan's shirt is from Old Navy and I found it on clearance for $1. Yay! Originally I was going to save it for Christmas time but when I found Jozy's shirt at Crazy8 for $1.56, it was a perfect match. Ladybug became a magician and Jozy, her bunny. Also, bug's tutu is the first piece of clothing I bought on Zuilily and I was very happy to find such good quality. 
And of course, I have to show off her little bunny tail. 

After a water fight, the girls had to change their shirts though.
I am in love with the little bunny tail  and ears. I bought them at the target dot spot area. 

Since they got some clothes in their baskets, they wanted to wear them the next day. 
Jozy got these cute yellow shorts from Target and they both got matching black lace tom style shoes. The headband was also a gift and from Target dot spot. 
Not the best picture, but this French fries shirt was a huge hit for Ladybug. 


  1. Love the eyelet lace dresses, so perfect for Easter! Allie wore an eyelet lace dress in peachy/pink for church! My favorite though is the bunny ears and tail! Allie wore ears for her school party but I wish we'd have had a tail!


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