Weekend fun

I'm not going to lie, I am LOVING life right now. I know things will adjust and shift soon so for now I am embracing all of this.
On that note here are some pics from our awesome weekend.
Friday was candle light lunch at Bug's preschool, so Hubbins, Jozy and I spent the day at school with her. My niece came along too. It was such a fun tome and Ladybug showed off her monkey bar skills. 
After all the kids got out of school Hubbins and I took all four older kids to the park. We had the boys Friday night and it was so much fun.
Tuckered out after a fun day

After getting princess pics done by an awesome friend and photographer (I will share them soon), we went to lunch as a family. It was so much time to unwind and laugh. 

The girls new favorite game is beauty shop. 
Sunday was Museum Sampler day here. All the museums were free from noon-5pm and it's the best time to check out all the museums and each one does some fun activities. The girls and I meant up with my sister and niece. It was a total blast!!!

Children's Museum
CM Russell museum 

Lewis and Clark interpretive center 
This weekend was a blast and I'm so ready for another amazing week. 


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