Celebrating our niece's 1st and some other shenanigans from last week

Last week was a busy crazy fun week that ended in an insane Saturday. There were so many fun moments that I want to share, so here is a week wrap up. (Aka: mass pic post) 
Monday was filled with baseball and t-ball fun. 
Jozy and I had some chalk fun on Tuesday while my niece napped. 
Tuesday was the last dance day before the recital. It was so much fun to see the girls excitement. 
Since Hubbins has been on the road so much lately, the girls and I were out of sorts by Wed. evening. I was stressed and missing my family being whole. We opted to skip small group (a descion we don't take lightly and should show just how out of sorts we all were) for some much needed family time. We ended up down at Gibson park to see the ducks and baby geese. 
Thursday was preschool and t-ball fun. 
I also spent Friday at preschool with Bug. Jozy and her joined the rest of the kids in a crazy excitement over getting to play on the melt structures. They are all cray monkeys. 
We ended Friday night with baseball and t-ball games for the boys. The girls and I took some pics. 

Saturday after the dance recital (I'll be doing a post on this later this week). Was my niece's first birthday party. I can't believe it's already been a year. She is such a feisty sassy independent little girl already and I feel so blessed to get to watch her grow. 
This was the best pic of all five cousins that were there. 

The big kids and even bigger kids spent the bulk of the party outside playing. There was trampoline jumping, swing set flying and a rowdy game of 500 for the big boys. 

Sunday morning was a hang out in pjs and play kind of morning. The kids all took full advantage. 
After we got home the rest was spent cleaning, sleeping and lounging. It was a wonderful end. 


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