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The best mistake I ever made …though I would never call or consider this a mistake, more of a mirical or blessed gift, society views it otherwise. But having Ladybug, even though it was very early in Hubbins and my relationship (I think we officially started dating the week before I took the test) and I was pretty sure I never wanted kids; having her was like coming up for air. She was my salvation and the moment I held her, my life, soul and heart became everything they were always suppose to be. 

From this mistake, I learned …what love really is, the unconditional overwhelming blessed thing that it is. I learned what it is like to feel emotions down into your toys; to fear, to hope, to dream, to be filled with joy and so many other things. I learned to be patient even on the worse days. To find joy, beauty, and wonder in all things.
When I’m anxious, I tell myself …I really just bottle it all up and put a smile on. Both the healthiest thing but it's something I'm working on. 

All I really want to do is …something with meaning. I want to help a child who's been hurt, is lonely, or just needs someone. I love my job caring for my niece and nephews and being mommy. But my dream is to be a school counselor or working in social service, or just something that matters. 


  1. I hope you can work in social service one day, but remember, you do SOMETHING THAT MATTERS every single day. ;)

  2. I LOVE the title of your blog. That is just so friggin' cute!! And Nicole is right, being a mama is such an important job :) And by the smiles on those sweet girls face you are pretty good at it!! Don't bottle things up... find your own outlet to get things out.. you will feel so much better!!!

  3. I tend to bottle up and put a smile on too. :( seems easier sometimes than trying to explain.

  4. I think helping children would be such a rewarding experience. I hope you can do that!

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