Five on Friday

Linking up with Hello Happiness and her co-hosts for five on Friday.
I haven't been very focused with my blog lately and next week will be a catch up kinda week. But, I thought I would share some random moments from this last week. 

I love how protective our dogs are of the girls, especially Chaser. He hates it when they walk in front of him and prefers to walk a little in front. This picture was from earlier in the week, when the girls weren't listening to him on the walk. 

Our little budding photographers 

I love that he will play with them for hours and it doesn't matter what the game is. However, sidewalk chalk is a favorite. 

Watching B play t-ball. Which translates to: the girls running crazy and climbing on things; while their cousins pays half attention to the game and the other half yelling for the girls attention. It may be some of the best spring time memories from this year. 

Yesterday while babysitting, Hubbins and Bug went to run errands and pick up the boys. They had to run by our house to pick up a glove and Hubbins face timed me with a questionn. Our call was quickly stole by the girls who apparently missed each other insane amounts. They had only been apart ten minutes and would have facetimed till they were with each other again if we let them. I love their love. 


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