May update

So I've been a slacker this month with posting. Mostly because I am living in the moment. I'm not putting too much focus on what would or wouldn't be cute for the blog. I'm just being present and enjoying the day to day life Hubbins and I have created with our little family. Truthfully, there's a lot on my mind (evidence by the fact that I can't seem to write a mom post) and I'm sure I'll write more about it soon. For now, things are changing in my life. My priorities are different and my view on who I want in my life and more importantly in the girls' lives is adjusting. Like I said, once I find the words I'll write about it here. Not to hurt anyone or be judgy but because it's what I've learned from being a mom. That's what my blog is about, my journey as a mom raising two very sassy girls. 

Anyway, I am way off topic so here are a ton of pics with few words to recap the first part of May. 
On the 1st Hubbins and I had our 4yr married and 6yrs together anniversary. 
We spent the day working with a quick lunch in between jobs. We spent it living taking care of our girls and loving each other. That's what a marriage is really all about. Finding beauty and love each day. 

Then on the 2nd, Ladybug's preschool had their end of year carnival. It was such a blast and getting to see some of the kids from last year was awesome too. 
Our half dragon half ladybug little girl. This basically sums up her personality. 
Our flower fairy. 

Then on May 7th, my baby became a kindergartener. That's right some how Ladybug is old enough for kindergarten and is officially enrolled. I'm not sure how it's possible that five years have flown by and my girl will be going to full day school next year. 
I haven't even begun to process how I feel about this and will put off figuring it out till next fall. 

The rest of the month has been filled with outside time, love, laughter and cuddles. Also with missing Hubbins who is doing a lot of traveling with work. 


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