Meeting Princess Ariel

Sunday morning Hubbins and I took the girls to the park for a surprise. Since we got their early there was so park fun. 
The girls love swinging. "Mommy, it's flying," is what Jozy says. So, of course the higher the better and they are very lucky to have a daddy who is an excellent swing flier. 
We also spent some time walking around and seeing the flowers. 
There's that amazing Daddy who pushes swings insanely high and plays airplane like a pro. Seriously, I'm not sure who's luckier the girls or me. I fall more in love with that man each day. 
Our princess in the hidden garden. I love this picture so very much. 

But then the surprise came. The girls got to meet Princess Ariel and have story time. A little girls dream come true. 
Ariel was amazing and I am very impressed. 
The girls were in heaven and have talked non-stop about it. 


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