Trampoline fashion: trendy tot Tuesday

There's something about a trampoline that just screams childhood and spring!!!!! I'm also apparently obsessed with taking pics of the girls having a blast on them. Since I have a set of each girls from the last week, I figured that would be my trendy tot this week. 

I think a trampoline is a little like flying for just a brief moment. It's freeing and gravity breaking. 
There's this crazy joy that comes over you when you jump. 
I remember the silly games and the hours of jumping when I was a kid. I remember all the laughter my brothers and I shared. All the good memories we built. 
The landing on your feet, your butt, or your knees and then trusting back up into the air; the rush of adrenalin. 
There's a magic created by springs, and a big black trap. There's an undiscrible fairy dust kind of joy that burst into the air with every jump. 
I love watching the girls and their cousins create magic and memories. 


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