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Linking up with Nicole  for another round of Finish this. 
I conquer fear.... Jumping in. I rarely think things through rationally and usually just go full force. 

I follow my heart …ALWAYS. I've always followed my heart above all else. I usually end up in more trouble that way, but I always get the most amazing rewards. 

I feed my soul by …journaling and lately reading the bible. Writing is my passion, my life force. It's how I organize my thoughts and emotions. 

I used to worry about ____ but then I … I always stress over silly things. For example when I was pregnant with Ladybug, I was terrified she would be born with no thighs. I'd read an article somewhere about two little girls born with no thighs. Or I stress over things I can't really control. I've learned over the last year to take my worries to God and trust him. 


  1. Oh I wish, I simply wish I could just jump in and conquer. I admire you for being that way! Also, your stressing over silly things, like your pumpkin with no thighs? Smile. She's okay! (I'm not reducing the fact that this does happen, just the complexity of the issue you stressed over!) Happy Wednesday!

    1. Oh yes I rarely stress over common things when it comes to the girls. I'm not sure why but it's always some rare or random thing that stresses me out.

  2. Loved reading all our answers! I admire how you conquer fear. :-)

  3. Sometimes I jump in, sometimes not. Depends on the rationality of my fear.

  4. Writing in a journal can be so helpful. I've gotten out of the habit of writing in mine, but it would calm me down and give me a sense of accomplishment and peace when I was finished.


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