Their amazing Dad

I had this big long post planned out but truthfully I feel like these pictures say it all. Scott is an amazing dad and watching Him love our girls has been the most heart filling thing. 
From the first moment he became a daddy and held our little Bug, I knew he would rock the parenting thing. 
Then after having lil Jozy and seeing his love multiply, I knew his love was boundless. He has always loved, cherished and protected our girls. He is gentle when they need it no matter the circumstances.
He is dedicated and willing to give in and just be daddy no matter how long the "to-do" list. 
His love and patience is endless when it comes to our girls.
He is their teacher....
And their friend. 
He helps to to guide them down life's crazy bumpy some times emotional road. And he does it with such grace. 
He supports all their interests and is there to play tea part, put on ballet shoes or be their prince. 
He encourages them to try new things, even the scary ones. 
He cuddles them when they are cranky......
And provides them love in all times. 
He plays monster and makes them giggle. 
He helps the to fly and overcome fear.
He holds them tight.....
For as long as they need to be. 
He lifts up their imagination.....
And helps create new worlds. 
He shows them how to build a foundation.....
And then how to set out on their own path. 
These are some of my favorite pictures from the last year and look back over them; I am overwhelmed by the love the girls have with their daddy. Scott, you are an amazing father and I couldn't ask for a better partner. I love you so very much. Thank you for helping me raise our crazy sassy little girls. 


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