Trendy Tot:fishing fun

Saturday was a local kids fishing day. It's an awesome program that introduces kids to the wonders of fishing. They go through some educational activities and then each child gets either a fishing pole of tackle box. Ladybug went last year with Hubbins and had a blast. So we were very excited to take both girls this year. 
One of our friends and his son came to and we got to hang out with them. 
Jozy got a fishing pole and Bug a tackle box. As you can see, Jozy loved her new pole. 
After not finding a decent spot to fish, we opted to head over to the river. 
I love all the firsts and the fun new experiences for the girls. But one of my very favorite, heart warming things, is seeing Hubbins helping the girls learn. 
Jozy did pretty good for her first time but in typical toddler fashion was easily bored. Ladybug on the other hand did amazing and had a blast. 
Oh course, hanging with her buddy helps. 
Our little fishermen (fisherwomen?)


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