Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Monday, September 29, 2014

It's a........

We announced our pregnancy to the social media world only a few weeks ago, and now we get to announce our exciting news of what lucky number 3 will be..........

YAY! For a third little girl. I couldn't be happier and the girls are over the moon excited too. I have so many emotions and thoughts going through my head at the moment. I know that with in the next week or two I will talk more about this pregnancy, more about our little Button and why we chose to keep her out of the spotlight for so long. But for now, I am just so excited to be having three little girls soon! I'll be leaving you with some more of my favorite photos from our gender reveal.

Monday, September 15, 2014

What I learned the first week of school......

Ladybug has started her 2nd whole week of school and we are finally on a schedule of some sort. The first day was a roller coaster of emotions, and I almost gave in and let her stay home. Luckily, her dad is an amazing rock. He was there for me to lean on after drop off when the tears came, and he was there earlier when I needed to suck it up to encourage our girl to take this step. He was right though, in the end, she's doing AMAZING! Even better she is finally loving school. I'm not going to lie, the 2nd day or even the 6th day wasn't any easier and drop off is my least favorite time of day. But as she is learning so am I, and I wanted to write down some of those lessons. Because I know next year wont be any easier, nor will the following when both our girls are in school; so this way I can remember these lessens. Also, maybe they will help another mom along the way.

Lesson 1.The first day is not a good example of how the year will go, the 2nd day isn't either.....
  If you didn't already guess, she did not under any circumstances want to go to kindergarten. She begged, she plead, and in the final hour gave one heck of a speech to stay home. (She still insists that family is far too important for her to be gone for so long. I'm getting better at the little nudge.) No amount of explaining how GREAT school in and how much fun she'll have, helped. Neither did reminding her that not only were her cousins going to the same school but so was one of her best friends. She did not want to be a kindergartner. As time went on, I got concerned. But then Friday, our girl came home all smiles. She loves her teacher, she's learned so much and she's made friends. She was even fairly excited for school this morning.

Lesson 2. Some days they will play by themselves and that's ok. Because some days they wont. 
 I'm that mom. You know the mom that drives by the school about the time her kids are playing outside. I didn't think I would be that mom, but I was. And it was ok, because I learned a lot from those drive by's. The first couple of days of school, Bug would come home and say that she didn't play with anyone. That her cousin didn't like playing with her and her friend was too busy with others. I asked, why she didn't join in the fun or make a new friend. I was worried, and afraid that she was being singled out or picked on. These were not the answer. She simply didn't want to play those games. She's always been independent and able to entertain herself. I don't know why I expect that to change. She has since then told me about her new friends she plays with and some of her old friends she hangs with. Some days, she just wants to play her game and that's ok.

Lesson 3. Letting go can be hard and it doesn't get easier. But the pick up will always be perfect and fun.
 I still hate drop off and actually will come up with excuses to have my husband do it when he's home. Saying good bye at home is only marginally better. But having part of my heart away from me for so long each day is hard. I miss her and watch the clock for pick up. I can't wait to start volunteering regularly. I can't speak for every parent but for me, I don't think these emotions will ever change. The flip side to all of this, is pick up is like a triple scope of ice cream with rainbow sprinkles while sliding down a rainbow on a unicorn. No lie, it is that amazing EVERY day. I love pick up. I love how she looks around for me when she comes out the door and then runs, full on sprint, into my waiting arms. I get the tightest biggest hug and a sunbeam smile. Its perfect.

Lesson 4. I have a lot more to learn......
 I am sure I have more lessons to tell you about, and in truth I wrote more down somewhere. But as I type this all up, I realized that these three are the most important to me. I know, that as the year goes on all of us will learn and grow. I used to think this was an adventure only Ladybug would go on, but in truth we are all going on it. We are just participating in different ways. There is going to be some growing pains and some insane "a ha!" moments. I'm really excited for it all!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Park fun

We've spent a lot of time at the parks this week. Monday we went with just the girls to celebrate the last day of summer just us four. We went to Black Eagle park which is one of my very favorite parks. It has a giant slide, a merry go round, tires to play on, horse swings and more. It's just a ton of fun and some place that I have found childhood memories of. Since we don't go very often, it's always a special treat for everyone. 
Watching Hubbins play with the girls still feels my heart with love. He has such a fun childish heart and seeing him bring out the biggest smiles in the girls is perfection for me. I love to watch their love grow. 
The tires are Hubbins favorite part of the park. I loved watching him and Bug jump from tire to tire. Jozy did really good and in another year will be up soaring with them. The girls made one into a house, we played Marco Polo and hide and seek. It was so much fun to be a kid. 
The merry go round has to be one of my favorite things at a park still. It's amazing to watch the world spin by and stay perfectly still. 
To save my sanity yesterday, I took all four kiddos to the parks. We ended up going to three parks through out the day and it was worth it. They're imagintions went wild and watching them all work together was exactly what I needed. 
They all piled on this bee without me having to ask. It was priceless and needed a picture before they flew off to Ladybug city. 
The next park we went to had a couple rock walls mixed with the play equipment. I love the girls adventurous sprite and how fearless they get. 
Since it started to get not the kids retreated to the shade of the trees. This of course meant Bug needed to turn into a monkey snd climb the tree. 
On the way back from the last park, Jozy found a wish flower. I don't think I will ever see them as weeds and I hope the girls never do. I love that I have taught them to find magic in unusual places and it's something I hope always stays with them. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Ladybug girl starts kindergarten

Ladybug started a new adventure yesterday, and I do want to write about my fears, pride and her excitement. It is however proving difficult so today I am putting up her back to school survey and a couple pictures. 

Name:Aidan Elysia Dawn
Favorite game: anythjng make believe
Favorite color: pink
Favorite book: Ladybug Girl
Favorite food: cookie cereal
Favorite thing about me: I can climb trees
Favorite subject in school: art
Best friend: Isabella
When I grow up....: a ninja photographer 
Something I want to do this year: learn to read 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Finish this......

I haven't done a finish this in awhile but with summer winding down I am trying to get back in the blog habit. So, I really wanted to join the link up fun. I am linking with Nicole and friends.

Prompt for WEEK 35

I celebrated Labor Day by......taking the girls to Black Eagle park. They did so well at the Wedding festivities over the weekend and were allowed to pick a reward for Monday. Both girls opted for an afternoon at the park with some chips. It's nice that they have such simple pleasures at the moment. Black Eagle is one of my favorite spots in town and I have so many fond memories of the park. It had a giant slide, merry go round, giant tires, horse swings, and so many other fun little spots. It was a ton of fun to hang out with the girls and act like kids ourselves. 
My dream job/career, would be.....growing up and to this day, I have always wanted to own a book store. Preferably in a small coastal town filled with history and a family environment. You know one of those towns that get crazy busy during tourist season but otherwise are filled with friends you've know forever. Ok, slightly off subject. Anyway, I could tell you exactly how my bookstore would be built and what it would have inside. I'd name it Dreams because that's what a good book is. It would be three stories and have a giant tree built in the center. The top floor would be for kids. They would be able to play in the branches of the tree. I would make couches and comfy seats look like the leaves, or a little owls home nestled in the tree for kids to get lost in. They would be able to play and read at the same time. The next floor would be a coffee shop but instead of basic tables and chairs, everything would be comfy and cozy. With reach colors everywhere. The bottom floor would be separate into the various areas for different types of books. But the same cozy woodland theme would follow through out. Realisiticly, though having that kind of store isn't in the cards. People are forgetting how great it feels to hold a book or get lost not only in an epic story but in the weight or smell of a book. 

My first paying job was.......well babysitting of course, but my first real steady job was working for a farmer. He was an awesome guy and would make the most amazing lunches. My little brother and I worked for him when we were 11 and 13. We just did odd jobs around the place, like feed animals or help with yard work. Truthfully, I think we were there more for company than work. It was an awesome job and we learned a lot from him. 

My current job is......currently I am a SAHM/aunt nanny. I get to spend my days taking care of our girls and my niece and nephews. It's the best job I've had and will give me a chance to go back to school. 

Critter and Becci say "I do"

Over the weekend my big brother married the love of his life. I am so excited to have a new sister. Critter and Becci are a match made in heaven and I absolutely adore them. The weekend was filled with so much emotion and fun. I wish I had taken more pictures of the area, but if you are ever visiting Bozeman, Mt I highly recommend the Gallatin River Hideaway. The place was simply gorgeous and filled with so many fun little hideouts. We got to stay in one of the cabins nestled along the creek. It ended up being right next to the men's cabin so we got all the groom and his men Saturday morning for coffee.
Friday night was a lot of fun catching up with family and getting to meet new people. Hubbins was one of the groomsmen so shortly into the evening we kissed goodbye so they could head off to the bachelor party. 
The next morning started lazy with pop tarts for all the kiddos and much needed coffee for adults. Can you tell how thrilled they are to be awake here?
I seriously loved the creek and little bridge behind the cabin. This is Uncle dude with three of the munchkins. 
The kiddos almost all ready to go. I loved that the mean wore fun shirts under their tux. 
Daddy and his girls 
This picture just makes me giggle. B wanted to be a part of the action so bad. He sure loves his dad and stepmom! The ceremony was touching and beautiful. 
The girls 
The boys
The groom and his littlest lady. 
They gave out bubbles and sunglasses before the ceremony. They were a huge hit with everyone. It helps we are all a bunch of kids at heart. 
This is one of my favorite pics of lil Jozy Giraffe. It was totally off the cuff and turned out beautiful. 
Here are the beautiful cup cakes and cake my mom made. 
The beautiful couples first dance. 
Mother/son dance. The song my brother picked was super touching. 
I love that they had a kid table filled with coloring stuff and small toys. They also had a photo booth, so the kids were plenty entertained. 
Even with all the entertainment lil Girrafe was just too tired and fell asleep right after dinner. 
I got some great pics of the girls dancing with their daddy. It was so sweet snd I plan to save them for the girls wedding days. 
This was one of my favorite moments. During the dollar dance Uncle Critter stole the vail and placed it on Ladybug. She was the happiest little girl. 
Jozy stole Daddy's coat later in the night. 
The bride and groom dancing with the girls. 

Sunday, everyone got together for some yummy breakfast and tear down. It was a nice chance to say goodbye to everyone. 
All the cousins.