Critter and Becci say "I do"

Over the weekend my big brother married the love of his life. I am so excited to have a new sister. Critter and Becci are a match made in heaven and I absolutely adore them. The weekend was filled with so much emotion and fun. I wish I had taken more pictures of the area, but if you are ever visiting Bozeman, Mt I highly recommend the Gallatin River Hideaway. The place was simply gorgeous and filled with so many fun little hideouts. We got to stay in one of the cabins nestled along the creek. It ended up being right next to the men's cabin so we got all the groom and his men Saturday morning for coffee.
Friday night was a lot of fun catching up with family and getting to meet new people. Hubbins was one of the groomsmen so shortly into the evening we kissed goodbye so they could head off to the bachelor party. 
The next morning started lazy with pop tarts for all the kiddos and much needed coffee for adults. Can you tell how thrilled they are to be awake here?
I seriously loved the creek and little bridge behind the cabin. This is Uncle dude with three of the munchkins. 
The kiddos almost all ready to go. I loved that the mean wore fun shirts under their tux. 
Daddy and his girls 
This picture just makes me giggle. B wanted to be a part of the action so bad. He sure loves his dad and stepmom! The ceremony was touching and beautiful. 
The girls 
The boys
The groom and his littlest lady. 
They gave out bubbles and sunglasses before the ceremony. They were a huge hit with everyone. It helps we are all a bunch of kids at heart. 
This is one of my favorite pics of lil Jozy Giraffe. It was totally off the cuff and turned out beautiful. 
Here are the beautiful cup cakes and cake my mom made. 
The beautiful couples first dance. 
Mother/son dance. The song my brother picked was super touching. 
I love that they had a kid table filled with coloring stuff and small toys. They also had a photo booth, so the kids were plenty entertained. 
Even with all the entertainment lil Girrafe was just too tired and fell asleep right after dinner. 
I got some great pics of the girls dancing with their daddy. It was so sweet snd I plan to save them for the girls wedding days. 
This was one of my favorite moments. During the dollar dance Uncle Critter stole the vail and placed it on Ladybug. She was the happiest little girl. 
Jozy stole Daddy's coat later in the night. 
The bride and groom dancing with the girls. 

Sunday, everyone got together for some yummy breakfast and tear down. It was a nice chance to say goodbye to everyone. 
All the cousins. 


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