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I haven't done a finish this in awhile but with summer winding down I am trying to get back in the blog habit. So, I really wanted to join the link up fun. I am linking with Nicole and friends.

Prompt for WEEK 35

I celebrated Labor Day by......taking the girls to Black Eagle park. They did so well at the Wedding festivities over the weekend and were allowed to pick a reward for Monday. Both girls opted for an afternoon at the park with some chips. It's nice that they have such simple pleasures at the moment. Black Eagle is one of my favorite spots in town and I have so many fond memories of the park. It had a giant slide, merry go round, giant tires, horse swings, and so many other fun little spots. It was a ton of fun to hang out with the girls and act like kids ourselves. 
My dream job/career, would be.....growing up and to this day, I have always wanted to own a book store. Preferably in a small coastal town filled with history and a family environment. You know one of those towns that get crazy busy during tourist season but otherwise are filled with friends you've know forever. Ok, slightly off subject. Anyway, I could tell you exactly how my bookstore would be built and what it would have inside. I'd name it Dreams because that's what a good book is. It would be three stories and have a giant tree built in the center. The top floor would be for kids. They would be able to play in the branches of the tree. I would make couches and comfy seats look like the leaves, or a little owls home nestled in the tree for kids to get lost in. They would be able to play and read at the same time. The next floor would be a coffee shop but instead of basic tables and chairs, everything would be comfy and cozy. With reach colors everywhere. The bottom floor would be separate into the various areas for different types of books. But the same cozy woodland theme would follow through out. Realisiticly, though having that kind of store isn't in the cards. People are forgetting how great it feels to hold a book or get lost not only in an epic story but in the weight or smell of a book. 

My first paying job was.......well babysitting of course, but my first real steady job was working for a farmer. He was an awesome guy and would make the most amazing lunches. My little brother and I worked for him when we were 11 and 13. We just did odd jobs around the place, like feed animals or help with yard work. Truthfully, I think we were there more for company than work. It was an awesome job and we learned a lot from him. 

My current job is......currently I am a SAHM/aunt nanny. I get to spend my days taking care of our girls and my niece and nephews. It's the best job I've had and will give me a chance to go back to school. 


  1. Your kids are adorable!

  2. I'm coming to your book store to read on your comfy couches!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks. I've dreamed about it for a long time. Maybe some day I'll retire and build it.


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