Park fun

We've spent a lot of time at the parks this week. Monday we went with just the girls to celebrate the last day of summer just us four. We went to Black Eagle park which is one of my very favorite parks. It has a giant slide, a merry go round, tires to play on, horse swings and more. It's just a ton of fun and some place that I have found childhood memories of. Since we don't go very often, it's always a special treat for everyone. 
Watching Hubbins play with the girls still feels my heart with love. He has such a fun childish heart and seeing him bring out the biggest smiles in the girls is perfection for me. I love to watch their love grow. 
The tires are Hubbins favorite part of the park. I loved watching him and Bug jump from tire to tire. Jozy did really good and in another year will be up soaring with them. The girls made one into a house, we played Marco Polo and hide and seek. It was so much fun to be a kid. 
The merry go round has to be one of my favorite things at a park still. It's amazing to watch the world spin by and stay perfectly still. 
To save my sanity yesterday, I took all four kiddos to the parks. We ended up going to three parks through out the day and it was worth it. They're imagintions went wild and watching them all work together was exactly what I needed. 
They all piled on this bee without me having to ask. It was priceless and needed a picture before they flew off to Ladybug city. 
The next park we went to had a couple rock walls mixed with the play equipment. I love the girls adventurous sprite and how fearless they get. 
Since it started to get not the kids retreated to the shade of the trees. This of course meant Bug needed to turn into a monkey snd climb the tree. 
On the way back from the last park, Jozy found a wish flower. I don't think I will ever see them as weeds and I hope the girls never do. I love that I have taught them to find magic in unusual places and it's something I hope always stays with them. 


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