What I learned the first week of school......

Ladybug has started her 2nd whole week of school and we are finally on a schedule of some sort. The first day was a roller coaster of emotions, and I almost gave in and let her stay home. Luckily, her dad is an amazing rock. He was there for me to lean on after drop off when the tears came, and he was there earlier when I needed to suck it up to encourage our girl to take this step. He was right though, in the end, she's doing AMAZING! Even better she is finally loving school. I'm not going to lie, the 2nd day or even the 6th day wasn't any easier and drop off is my least favorite time of day. But as she is learning so am I, and I wanted to write down some of those lessons. Because I know next year wont be any easier, nor will the following when both our girls are in school; so this way I can remember these lessens. Also, maybe they will help another mom along the way.

Lesson 1.The first day is not a good example of how the year will go, the 2nd day isn't either.....
  If you didn't already guess, she did not under any circumstances want to go to kindergarten. She begged, she plead, and in the final hour gave one heck of a speech to stay home. (She still insists that family is far too important for her to be gone for so long. I'm getting better at the little nudge.) No amount of explaining how GREAT school in and how much fun she'll have, helped. Neither did reminding her that not only were her cousins going to the same school but so was one of her best friends. She did not want to be a kindergartner. As time went on, I got concerned. But then Friday, our girl came home all smiles. She loves her teacher, she's learned so much and she's made friends. She was even fairly excited for school this morning.

Lesson 2. Some days they will play by themselves and that's ok. Because some days they wont. 
 I'm that mom. You know the mom that drives by the school about the time her kids are playing outside. I didn't think I would be that mom, but I was. And it was ok, because I learned a lot from those drive by's. The first couple of days of school, Bug would come home and say that she didn't play with anyone. That her cousin didn't like playing with her and her friend was too busy with others. I asked, why she didn't join in the fun or make a new friend. I was worried, and afraid that she was being singled out or picked on. These were not the answer. She simply didn't want to play those games. She's always been independent and able to entertain herself. I don't know why I expect that to change. She has since then told me about her new friends she plays with and some of her old friends she hangs with. Some days, she just wants to play her game and that's ok.

Lesson 3. Letting go can be hard and it doesn't get easier. But the pick up will always be perfect and fun.
 I still hate drop off and actually will come up with excuses to have my husband do it when he's home. Saying good bye at home is only marginally better. But having part of my heart away from me for so long each day is hard. I miss her and watch the clock for pick up. I can't wait to start volunteering regularly. I can't speak for every parent but for me, I don't think these emotions will ever change. The flip side to all of this, is pick up is like a triple scope of ice cream with rainbow sprinkles while sliding down a rainbow on a unicorn. No lie, it is that amazing EVERY day. I love pick up. I love how she looks around for me when she comes out the door and then runs, full on sprint, into my waiting arms. I get the tightest biggest hug and a sunbeam smile. Its perfect.

Lesson 4. I have a lot more to learn......
 I am sure I have more lessons to tell you about, and in truth I wrote more down somewhere. But as I type this all up, I realized that these three are the most important to me. I know, that as the year goes on all of us will learn and grow. I used to think this was an adventure only Ladybug would go on, but in truth we are all going on it. We are just participating in different ways. There is going to be some growing pains and some insane "a ha!" moments. I'm really excited for it all!


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