Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Celebrating 6years

October was crazy birthday month for Ladybug. Some how it worked out that we celebrated 6 different times, but of course our birthday girl had no problems with this. Here are a few photos of some of the events.

First up, we went to dinner with Hubbins' parents and grandparents. It was so much fun and Ladybug loved being sung to by the staff.
Mim and Papa with Jozy.
Opening cards and presents with Daddy

I love her face here. This is when they started singing to her.

Our Birthday girl after her school party.

Friday night was her actual birthday and we went out to Power to celebrate with some family. It was also my little brother's football senior night and last game. It was so much fun and a little bitter sweet.

Birthday girl and me selfie!

My brother took her out on the field for his senior announcement. She was totally shocked and thrilled. It was such a special moment to share with her Uncle.

On the field celebrating Uncle Trav.

I love this pic of her drinking my hot chocolate. Such a little football fan pic.

They turned Papa's truck in to a runway and modeled their hearts out.

This will forever be one of my favorite moments. Its my dad and little brother walking of the field for the last time. There are so many memories of my brothers playing on that field and it was a little sad to see it all end.

Cupcakes at Grandma and Papa's. She picked out purple funfetti cupcakes with pink frosting and orange sprinkles. Looked a little scary but tasted amazing.

Saturday, we took the girls to a pumpkin patch and meant up with my sister in law and kids. The girls had a blast and picked out baby pumpkins.

Hayride fun

Birthday girl and her baby! I love that she looks like a little elf here.

All the cousins that live in town.

Hubbins as captan Jake Sparrow. Epic!

That night we did a trail run with costumes and went to a few random activities.
Sunday was Bug's school friend birthday friends. We had it at a local hotel with water slide. It was a total success and super low key. Plus, I got to meet some of the other class moms.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday, Ladybug

Dear Ladybug,

I can not believe you are already 6. So much time has passed, yet it feels too soon. The whole month of October is spent reminiscing about all the wonderful moments since you were born. Since, you made me a mommy and changed my life for the better. I look at how much you've grown and changed. How your talents and personality seems to shine brighter each year.

I see so much of myself in you, in your strength and in your giant loving heart. I see myself in your sassy and stubborn ways and so many other ways. But you have by far surpassed me and all my expectations. I see this pure wonder in you, in the dreams you create and the stories you weave. There's so much adventure and imagination surrounding you. And you are so very blessed, baby girl.

God has given you so many amazing talents and traits. Your compassion is one I treasure so dearly. You love and care deeply. You forgive quickly and empathize with everyone around you. Hold on to that compassion; it holds amazing powers. There's is nothing stronger than love and you, Ladybug, have a heart that over flows with love. It will help you change the world.

Then there's your creative soul. I am sure you get some of that from Daddy and me, but a great deal comes from Yaya. You create magic and see it all around you. I love to watch you draw, or sing, or just about anything. There's this sparkle that comes out and spreads around. Its a beautiful sight. Whatever you chose to work with becomes alive. Your imagination has always amazed me and it seems to grow in brilliance each year. 

This past year, I have watched you take on new and scary adventures. I've looked on as you conquered those fears, doubts and negativity with an easy grace. I've got to witness the strength and vastness of your pure love for others as you dealt with bullying. And you, my sweet little Ladybug, have taught me so very much.

Being your mommy has and will always be one of the greatest gifts in my life. You are such a blessing and the sixth year of your life has been extraordinary. As sad as I am to see you get older, I am beyond excited to see and experience what your future holds. I know without a doubt it will be filled with adventure, sass, and so much magic.

I love you to the moon and back!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Childhood Laughter

Yay, a return to Blogtober14 with Helene and Terri.

Day 14: Funniest Childhood Memory

Wow, there are so many to choose from. My childhood was filled with humor, though not always the safe kind. Usually, one or more of us kids did something reckless and we all laughed like banshees afterwards. Ok, let's be honest we still do this. I think some of my favorite memories are when my three brothers and I would gather on my mom's bed. She would tell us about all the hilarious things we did as babies and toddlers. She probably told the same stories a million times (only a slight exaggeration there), but each time had the same reaction. We'd all laugh super hard that one would fall off the bed and then the laughter would begin again. Here are a few of my favorites.

My nickname when I was little was Tater-Face. Why do you ask? Because I LOVED mashed potatoes. Like seriously, mashed taters and me had a serious thing. But since I was little, like one or two, I was a messy eater. I usually ended up with potatoes all over my face and hair. My dad would look at me and call me his little Tater-Face. You'd think this is a sweet memory, but its not. Every time he'd call me that I would die. I would throw an epic fit as though he just told me, my favorite kitty died. It was bad, really bad.

Also, I tried on multiply occasions to get rid of my baby brother. My favorite way was filling his crib with all the stuffed animals I could find and jumping on the mattress. He was always in the crib during this. When my mom came in I'd look at her with big eyes and say, "I play with brother."

I have so many of these memories. Like the time my big brother dumped an entire box of cereal on the base housing carpet and crunched it in. He then went to work with his toy vacuum, going vroom vroom, to clean it up. Or my other brother, who faked a leg injury so he could stay at the hospital to continue to watch Barney. But as funny as each of those memories are, the retelling of them was always my favorite. To this day, I love listening to my mom retell the tales of childhood.

As a mom, I have started to stock pile memories to tell our girls. I look forward to lazy mornings or delayed bedtimes when they crawl into our bed and we laugh for hours.

Friday, October 10, 2014

What blog brought me that I didn't expect.

Linking up with Terri and Helene for more blogtober! If you haven't had a chance to join, I hope you do. I haven't been able to do as many as possible, but I'm very much enjoying the one I can.
Day 10: I never thought blogging would.....

I've said it before, but I'm still fairly new to blogging. There's so much I wish I knew and can't wait to learn. However, there are a few things that I've learned along the way. Most importantly, I never thought that blogging would teach me so much about myself. 

I have had two blogs before this one that just didn't stick. The first was about being a newly wed and the second was about my some what dysfunctional but wonderful family. Both blogs were ok, but not something my heart was in. I knew when I started this blog, I wanted to go about it differently. I wanted it to be about my life and what was important at the time. Primarily, I blog about the girls and what adventures we go on. I also talk about what's happening with me. I've learned over the last couple of years that I want my blog to be real. I don't want it to just be the super shinny moments. I want to have some of the grey clouds mixed in here and there. I want honesty and to be able to freely state my opinions and emotions. 

Since I've always kept a journal, I thought that would be easy. What I learned is that I still had a lot of learning to go to find me. Since, my blog is public I am more aware of what I say. I take time to think through a post, and often write it in a journal before typing it out. I've learned how to tell my true feelings over the immediate passionate outbursts. I've learned to dig deep and really appreciate the blessings I have. This blog means a great deal to me and I hope someday will mean a great deal to our children. Because as I reread old posts or watch how the blog has grown, I've learned more about who I am. What's important and what makes me so very me. I plan to do more posts that aren't fluffy. 

I truly didn't know how blogging would take me and continue to take me on this path of discovery. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Random things are girls say that make me laugh.....

For a while now, I've been keeping the random conversations, phrases, and what not's that the girls say. I love their ages and watching them try to navigate the English language. So, here are a list of some of my very favorites.

Aidan:  Ut O Spaghetti Sauce.
   (Serious, she believes this is the correct phrase and I have no intention of correcting her. Like ever!)

J:My sister thinks I'm a fool. (She says in an overly distraught voice)
Me: Why do you think that?
J: Cause she helped me with my lips! (chap stick)
Me:Isn't helping what big sisters do?
J: (throwing hands in the air and stomping her foot) Just cause I the little sister.

Aidan: I laugh my face off

Jozy after telling her, we get to see the baby for the first time.
J:Mommy, they cant take Button out. She not all ready to go.
(A moment later after I reassure her that Button is staying in mommy's belly)
J:It my turn to have button in my belly.....Please!!!!

Aidan and Jozy while driving by a bank:
J: Hey the awesome place that gives lollipops.
A: Yeah, and money. Let's stop.

I walk into the girls room where Aidan is distraught on the phone. Apparently she just got fired from being a doctor, because she turned a human into a cupcake. She then looks at me with a smile and says "I'm sorta a fairy."

As Jozy and I are cuddled in bed after nap chatting. She asks if I washed her white tutu she wore yesterday. After I explain that it still needs to be washed.....
Jozy looks at me snaps her fingers and goes "oh muffin crumbs"

Aidan's Dream Guy
-Tall like Daddy
-Red hair
-Blue Eyes
-Lookin nice like Daddy
-Not funny, deff. not a clown
-Loves her dogs
-Loves God as much as she does

Jozy is on a roll today. From putting her arm in her sleeve and running around yelling "I lost my arm", to pulling her pants up past her belly button and slouching about then just now she looks at me and pouts. Of course, I fell for it and asked why she was sad. With out missing a beat she makes a funny face and goes "blah!!!" (Facebook status from Aug.)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Girls Rule

I knew a week before the ultrasound that we would be welcoming a third little girl into our lives. I had this overwhelming feeling and certainty. I had the same with our oldest, and truest my mommy instinct. I told my mom over the phone but no one else. Why? Because I knew that when the ultrasound confirmed my feeling, our little one would be meant with negativity. Hubbins and I are beyond excited to be welcoming lucky number three, even though yes having a boy would be grand. However, as I predicted our announcement was meant with negativity and upset people. Our little Button is already dealing with the gender wars.

Isn't that sad? Is it just me that finds it so incredibly shameful that family and friends are behaving this way? God blessed us with three wonderful girls and they should never have to prove themselves to people who love them. They shouldn't come second to the boys or be looked down on because of gender. Each baby, boy or girl, should be a celebration. They should be loved.

It's not to say, you cant be momentarily bummed to not have a grandson named after you, or a nephew to teach football too. That's fine. Hubbins and I would have loved a little boy. A son to inherit his father's name; to experience the difference between a son and daughter. But it didn't diminish our pure joy at having a little girl. I've thought a lot about this and at first wanted to shield her from the pain. But then I realized if I don't defend our girls, who will. So let me set you straight on why girls rule.

We already have two amazing little girls. Yes, they have a ton of attitude. Yes, one day that attitude will bite us in the butt. But that attitude will also take them to amazing places. They know their self worth and when in doubt Hubbins and I are right there to help. Our little ones have amazing imaginations. They see and embrace all the magic of the world. They play princess, and they fly dragons. Ladybug has had an imaginary dragon for as long as I can remember. Jozy loves to play superhero. They climb trees and wrestle. They love sports and are fearless on the field. They wear tutus and are little artist. Our girls are the best of both words. Equal part warrior and princess. They know how to rescue themselves and will more than likely save the knight along the way.

One of the most amazing thing about having little girls, is that the rules are thrown out the window. They can be mamas and love on their stuffies. They can be ninjas and save the world. They can wear tutus and dress up. They can wear jeans and t-shirts. They get to be anything and everything their hearts desire. We aren't losing out by not having a son. Ladybug will follow in her dad's footsteps with a love of photography. Jozy has his amazing eyes and smile. They both have his passion for baseball. Hubbins will still get to play catch and I'll still kiss scrapped knees.

So no, having a third little girl isn't sad. Its not something to be negative about. Little Button has a whole world of possibilities waiting for her. And just like with her big sisters, Hubbins and I will be right here. We will love her and encourage her to follow what ever she dreams. We will continue to teach all our girls to surround themselves with people who love them unconditionally, and ignore the ignorant who are upset about their gender. Because girls really do rule!

10 things.....well 4

Linking up with Helene and Terri for some more Blogtober14.

Day 6: 10 things I wish I told myself when I started blogging

I'm still fairly new to blogging and still learning. I'm not sure I have ten things yet, but I will give it my best.

1. Figure out what my main topic of the blog should be. I still don't really have a specific focus and im not sure its good or bad. I write about my family, myself and well life. But I blog for me not everyone else.

2. If I am blogging for me and not to gain an audience then I can't get hung up on followers and comments. I love signing in and seeing that I have a comment or a new follower, but they are rare.

3. Its ok if I take a break from blogging. Like I said, I don't do this for money. I may look into it down the road. So, I used to put so much pressure on myself to do all the link ups, and post so many times a week. It stopped being fun. So, I took a break. Summers and weekends are especially hard to find blogging time because life gets crazy. If and when, I get paid to blog, then I can become a stress ball about my blog count.

4.I seriously need a better camera. I love my iphone and I feel like I take great pics with it. But you can defiantly tell the difference.

Ok....that's all I have. Maybe I'll update this list in a year or two when I have more experience.

Friday, October 3, 2014


Yay! Three days in a row. Joining Blogtober today. 

Day 3: Something I can't live without. 

This was a hard prompt for me, because I couldn't think of an actual object. There really isn't any material thing, well maybe our family photos. So, then I tried to think of one "thing" that I couldn't live without. But that didn't work either, there are so many important "things. Love, faith, God, family, dreams.......the list really does go on. How do I pick one? 

Hope. I think that's my one thing. Life should be filled with all those other emotions, but they all seem to start with hope. Hope that you really are following God's path. Hope that you will find and hold on to love or hope that you'll be able to openly share your love. Hope that not only your dreams but those of your children's will come true. Hope is all we have sometimes, and in the dark moments is the light. 

I have hope each day and especially when I feel like I'm failing. I hope that today will be better than yesterday. I have hope for our girls and hope that I'm raising them right. It all boils down to hope. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day 2: dream job

I loved writing yesterday and really wanted to get started earlier. Again, I am linking up with  Terri.

Day 2: dream job when you were little/ what is it now?

I've always loved the written word, so I feel like it's no surprise that growing up I wanted to be a writer. I love writing and have kept a journal for as long as I can remember. I also have boxes filled with poems, short stories, and half worked on novels. 
I'm not sure where my passion comes from, and since I couldn't read until 3rd grade (shocker, right?) I know it's not something I was born with. But once, I figured out the whole reading thing, everything took off. I devour books and love the feeling they give me. I don't have a specific genre and will read just about anything. After, a good book I still find myself day dreaming about traveling the world and telling my stories. I still right stories or at least scribble down short notes when an idea comes to me. Unfortunately the only stories I finish are the bedtime stories I make up for our daughters. I realized in high school, that the next great novelist may not be my destiny.

 But I also knew, I wanted to be surrounded by books, stories, and all those happy moments. I dreamed about owning my own book store. I described it here and from time to time I still dream about one day having that store in some little town. I still believe, I'll do something with books and the written word. I am looking into going back to school and becoming a teacher. I want to share my love of books and all their greatness. 
But for now, I'm living the dream. I'm a mostly stay at home mommy. I get to raise our girls and celebrate each little mile stone. I help take care of my niece and nephews. I spend my days having tea parties, blowing bubbles, playing dolls (poorly I might add) and teaching our girls about all the wonder and magic of the world. 
I still love the written word and have shown the girls all the adventures they can go on through books. They would rather have endless hours of story time than watch tv. Ladybug has started "writing" and making up her own stories. Their imaginations are endless and I love each moment. Soon I'll go back to school, but for now I am living my dream job. Plus, I get to write the most beautiful and important stories here on this blog.