Baby Button 28weeks

Since I am in my third trimester, I figure I should update my blog about Baby Button. I haven't done a weekly update, so I am taking the survey and tweaking it a little.

Due date:  2/12/15
How far along:  28 weeks
Gender: Female  
Exercise: half an hour of walking and pilates
Sleep: Hahaha...... I slept really well the first couple of months but have suffered insomnia since then. Though I am exhausted half way through the day and try to nap.
Food cravings:  Apples and carmel, cheese burgers, and spicy foods are the primaries. I am not big on sugar again this pregnancy.
Movement:  Baby Button is a little gymnist and moves ALL day and night. She has a fierce kick.   
What I'm loving:  All the moving and watching my belly roll as she does her daily workout.

Since this is my last pregnancy, I have focused on really enjoying each stage. I am still not a huge pregnancy fan, but I am loving feeling little Button. I also love how much the girls are into being big sisters. They constatnly talk to or love on Button. It's one of the best things in the whole world. 

I am hoping to do a weekly update until Button is born. 


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