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Yay back to linking up with Finish this and the awesome hosts. It's been a while and I am so happy to joining back up.
My family makes me smile because...nothing makes me smile more than my little family. From the sweet little (though not so gentle) baby Button kicks to our crazy dogs. There is never a dull moment. Ladybug keeps us on our toes with her quick wit and inspired with her creativity. Jozy feels our home with tons of laughter. She's a little spit fire and full of spunk. Hubbins keeps me grounded and knows just when I need an extra love. My family is my happy place and greatest blessing. When I forget to embrace and rejoice in God, they remind me of all his endless wonder. 
I put my God. It's something I'm not great at, but I'm learning. He is magnificent and his path for me is the right one. I trust he will guide us in the right direction and provide. That I can give my stress and worries to him, and he will provide peace. 

I don’t....have all the answers. I'm ok with that though. It goes back to trusting in God snd finding hope in family. I don't need to have all the answers right not and I plan to enjoy the path I am on. 


  1. I battle all the time with the unknown, not having all the answers, I wish I could live and let go, but it is super hard. i wish I had all the answers.

    1. I've struggled with it a lot since having kids. I used to go with the flow and now it's a struggle. Finding faith and God has helped a lot. I don't need the answers because He has them.


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