Ice skating and mountain climbing

Last weekend we took the time for some needed family fun. I feel like the last few months have been a marathon, however this last weekend was rejuvenating. We went to the park and took the girls I've skating. 
This girl is conquering her fears. She was afraid the first time, but kept going back. I am so proud of our Ladybug and so amazed. 
This little bit is fearless. She has always been and just keeps surprising us with her lack of fear. 
My heart siting on top of the world. 
Tree climbing is Bug's speciality. She be lines for the trees as soon as we get to the park and then becomes a monkey. It's insanely impressive. 
Sunday the ice rink had a free day and we took the girls. 
Once Bug got out there she wouldn't come in. And she was AWESOME! 
Jozy took a little more convincing but by the end she was rocking the rink. 
Skating with Daddy as he shows off his skills. 


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