Thanksgiving Thankful 1-7

Usually, come November I post my daily thankfuls on Facebook. I couldn't decide if I wanted to do it this year or just make a post about all the things that bless my life, but I am working on rejoicing each day. So, I figure this would be a fun challenge to help with that. 

Day 1: I was thankful for an extra long fall. For some outside leaf time with the girls and watching how wonderfully they love. Fall is my favorite season, but that time between fall and winter. When everything is on the cusp of change....that's magic. 
Day2: I am thankful for daylight savings and an extra hour with my little family. For an early morning filled with a ton of laughter and love. The girls were so happy that morning and super silly. They wrestled and giggled, and we got to take extra long relaxing into church. It was such a wonderfully recharging day. So, I'm glad we got that extra hour. 
Day3: I'm thankful for the excitement the girls have to be big sisters again. They are so ready for Button to be here. Jozy has taken to practicing being a big sister on her little cousin. It's the most precious thing to watch and melts my heart everyday. Ladybug gives Button a kiss before leaving for school and a huge hug upon coming home. She will also sit and read to the bump. I'm so thankful for this moments and memories. 
Day4: I am thankful for such a loving husband. We've gone through some pretty crazy valleys in our life together, but I feel we have finally found our wings. We are soaring into our future with love, support snd grace. He's my best friend and there for me. This perticular day, I had a melt down over house, pregnancy and feeling hopeless. He cuddled me in bed and held on while I cried my eyes out. He taught me that it's important to need him and that he'll be there when I do. 
Day5: I am thankful for the extra time I get with my nephews and nieces. Being their nanny is massively trying at times. It's frustrating and often I feel a little out of my element. But every now and then, I am reminded just how lucky I am to play such a huge role in their lives. 
Day6: I am thankful for good friends. Friends who support us and help us. Not just with our dreams but with our faith. They are always there to help when needed or just to hang out. 
Day7: I am thankful for the doctor and the yucky glucose drink. I am actually sitting her in the doctor office waiting for my hour to be up so I can go home. But before all of this, we heard our Button's strong heart beat. We got some peace of mind and some great news. I am so blessed to have two healthy girls and a third healthy bundle on the way. So as annoying as this hour long test can be, I am so thankful that I have amazing doctors and medical people to be there in case there's and issue. So, instead of dwelling and being annoyed, I'll be thankful and rejoice. 


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