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The best physical feature on my body hair! It has taken me years and years to love my hair. But I sure so love it. I love the uniqueness of being a redhead. I love the curls and the thickness. I just love my hair. 
With the exception of purple low lights recently, I've never dyed my hair. Because being a redhead is awesome. It's the first thing that Hubbins was attracted too, and it helps that I'm a feisty redhead. Also growing up in Japan I was considered a goddess, thanks to being a redhead. There is this amazing freeness that comes with lovingn and excepting the more unique part of you physically. For me, it's my hair and I don't plan to EVER change that. 

The best physical feature on my spouse’s body is......his eyes. I feel like that's a bit cliche, but they have always mesmerized me. I always feel like you can see not just his soul but his heart in his eyes. They normally are this gray/blue, but they change colors with his mood. I was attracted to him first because of his smirk, but the depth of his eyes got me hooked. I truly can not explain the craziness of those eyes. From changing moods to his eyebrow. Oh my do I love that random eyebrow with its white hair that tickles. Yeah, I feel a little at loss for words now. 


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