32-33 week

Since I have a feeling my pregnancy is coming to a close, I wanted to catch up a Little.I have really loved this pregnancy even with all the pain and sickness. Maybe its because I know this is our last one, and I really just want to soak up each feisty kick or stretch. 
Baby Button is growing right along and is very healthy. But with my contractions picking up and loss of appetite (among other signs), I would not be surprised if she arrives before the new year. 

I am loving this stage where the girls fit so perfectly around my bump. They snuggle in and talk to their little sister or sing to her. I can't wait to see them interacting with Button and loving on her. How blessed Hubbins and I are to have three amazing littles. And to see them love one another is the best gift of all.

I feel like I should have more to say, but truly I am just loving each moment. I have been writing more and hope to write a blog post before too much longer about all my thoughts and emotions.


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