Breakfast with Santa and Bowling

Saturday was a crazy fun filled day. It started off early with a surprise breakfast with Santa for the girls. They had so much and loved getting to hang out with Santa. There was a yummy pancake bar and holiday crafts too. It was so much to see the girls excitement. 

Jozy was so focused on Santa and got a little concerned when he talked to everyone else.

Finally, the girls got some Santa time and pictures. Hubbins took the pictures and I'll share them in a different post. But watching the girls with Santa was so much fun. They talked to him for awhile and Jozy made him a stocking craft. It was precious.

This is her "nice" smile.

After breakfast we decided to do some pictures of the girls, since they looked so cute. After a few shots, Ladybug took over the camera. She had so much fun and got some great shots. She directed us and moved around to get the best shot. It was a blast and I am so proud of her. Once of my favorite things as mommy is watching the girls jumping both feet first into things that make them happy. I have no doubt Ladybug will be an artist in some way and wouldn't be surprised if she followed in her daddy's foot steps.

What you don't see in this next photo is that they are 14ft up on rail road tracks. To say mommy was a little nervous is an understatement. But I trust Hubbins and the girls listened so well. Plus we got some great pictures.

Afterwards we headed back to my brother's house to help get ready for my nephew's bowling party. The kids ran around and I helped prep food. Then it was time to head to the bowling alley. Unfortunately, I didn't get to bowl but I did have a great time watching everyone. The girls love bowling and are getting so much better. Also, Ladybug beat all the boys and won the first game!

After awhile, Jozy decided to she didn't want to use the bowling ramp thing so Daddy came over to help. I love this pic of them.

And then this moment of the two girls. Since Jozy was having a hard time carrying the ball, Ladybug came to the rescue. It filled my mommy heart with so much pride and love.
Not to be out done, Ladybug decided to bowl without the ramp too. She has a pretty awesome arm. 

And then some of Jozy finally bowling on her own. I am so proud of my girls.


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