Christmas 2014

Christmas was a lot of fun and went by really fast. There were lots of little moments in the two days that simply filled my heart with bliss. 
Ladybug awaiting the arrival of Yaya the day before Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve morning was spent at my brother's house with our families and Yaya. I love watching the girls spend time with mom. She is by far their favorite person and its so much fun to watch their bond grow. In the evening we went out to my dad's. There was lots of family time, a hay ride to look at lights and plenty of laughter.

Christmas morning was by far my favortie time. Growing up I didnt think Christmas could get better, but after having kids I realize just how wrong I was. Christmas is so much cooler and more magical with kids. The girls were super into giving this year and picked out special gifts for each other. Watching them exchange those gifts was the best moment of the whole season. Their excitement to give to each other is breath taking.

This is moment we realized dress up heels could have been a bad idea!

Hubbins with his blanket of happiness and Jack head (its actually the a yahtzee game)

Our silly little elves.

More random moments from Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Watching Jozy open presents and her excitement over each was hilarious.


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