Garth Brooks- Mom

I heard this song the other day and it brought tears to my eyes. There are so many songs out there that speak straight to my heart, but this one just seems perfect for right now. It just speaks so loudly to where I am now in life and also to the aw I have for my own mom. Truly, if you haven't listened, you have too. (The song starts about half way through if you want to skip the intro.)

I have to agree that "Dance" is one of my all time favorite songs and I am putting the lyrics up in the girls room. But this song, well, it I'm not sure that I can possibly give it justice or really explain how perfect it is.

When I listened to the song the first time, Baby Button was kicking up a storm in my stomach. She had been quiet for awhile and as soon as the song started, she went crazy. I can't wait to meet her and truly hope that I am doing right by her sisters and her. That I will teach them all the important things in life and really help them find their way back to God. Being a mom is the most precious gift I could be given. It's not something that I think of as a job, but a privilege. I know that there are hard days, but even through the difficult I remember just how lucky I am. Being a mom has changed my life.

More than myself though, I thought of my own mom. Now she is amazing. I never fully understood her endless love until I had kids, but looking back I know that even through the rough times she was our rock. Her love for us never wavered and she taught me so much. She showed me the balance between being my best friend and the firm guiding hand. She showed me how to sacrifice for her kids and what was really important. Especially this time of year, I find myself reliving moments from my childhood. I find myself trying to teach the girls all the endless wonder of the world and that love is so important. I look back on all the wonderful lessons from childhood and how truly blessed we are to have such a wonderful mom. I love you so much, mom!


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