More merry Christmas happenings

Just some more pics from the last week. I am struggling this year with staying in the holiday spirit, but whenever I see how excited the girls are it gets easier. The magic in their eyes is enough to make any Grinch's heart grow. I am so thankful for these little blessings and all the love they share. 

Wednesday, we had dinner at my brother's and the kids did a little gift exchange thing. The girls got some cute little stuffies. I couldn't stop laughing when I realized that Ladybug's outfit matched the little bird she got. Too cute.

These two have been oddly friendly lately, and I really appreciated it this week.

Friday was pajama day at the big kids' school. (of course, Jozy had to play along too and with a tutu). There is just something extra fun about getting to go to school in Pj's and the kids all loved it.

Ladybug also had her class party that day too. Jozy and I volunteered to help. It was a blast.

Here she is with her little Grinch kabob.

Saturday Button and I made some cookies while the kiddos did some fun Christmas ornament crafts.

They also helped with sugar cookies. It was a lot of fun to see them get so excited.

Yaya sent the girls the best Christmas shirts. I had to get some pictures of them.


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