Turning 27 and Bug's first concert

Saturday I turned 27 years old. For me it doesn't really seem weird or different, but then again its not really a milestone year. Actually, I didn't even really think about it until I sat down to right this blog. The truth is I am happy with life. Really happy, not just "I should say I'm happy" happy. There are certainly things I wish were easier and stresses that I wish we could move past; but isn't that what life is all about. The good, the bad, the ugly; it's all important. I am starting to really learn and lean on that lesson. But when I really think about my life, I think about our beautiful growing family, my extended family and all our wonderful friends. I think about finding God and faith again. It's truly been a blessed and wonderful year!

We were suppose to head over to my brother's for my niece's first birthday, but unfortunately the stomach yuck struck our house hard. So instead I had a low key day of hanging out. I spend the morning with Hubbins and the girls who surprised me with some awesome gifts and then we got some donuts. My sister in law and I snuck away for some adult only shopping and it was SOOOOOOO nice. I love shopping with our girls, but it was really nice to have some adult girl time and not have to chase kids around. Plus, we were able to get a lot of Christmas shopping done and stop at a new store in a short amount of time. It was awesome.

This is the birthday picture Ladybug had Hubbins take the morning of my birthday (they had to finish shopping). She sure does know how her mommy loves things like this. Plus, look how gorgeous our girl is!

I told Hubbins that all I wanted for my birthday was for the girls to pick out gifts for me. They were given a set budget and he was instructed not to help AT ALL. We decided the dollar store and Target dot spot were the best places for the girls. These are all my goodies. Notice all the yellow? The girls know this is my favorite color and made sure to get plenty. Jozy got me the fuzzy socks because I love funky socks, a Sofia necklace (she knew I would love it because she does), chap stick (because I ALWAYS have some) and a pretty basket (because I love fun bins). Ladybug got me the nutcracker, which she named George Washington Bald Nutcracker, the yellow light up necklace and furby, a teddy bear (so I have something to snuggle when she isn't there). But the one that really got me was the little Mary and Jesus statue she picked out. At first I was confused and figured it was because of church. She got it for me however, because it reminded her of how much I love her. How sweet is that? I totally cried and hugged her close. The girls did awesome and I will most certainly be treasuring all these little gifts.

Hubbins knows the way to my heart is the written word. He got me a new journal, pen and day planner. It was an amazing birthday and I felt very loved.

Bug's first Holiday Concert! 
Today was Ladybug's kindergarten Christmas concert. She has been singing her songs for weeks now and I was so excited to see her in action. Bug loves all things musical and the spot light. So of course, she did AMAZING! It was so fun to see all the kindergartners and Jozy cheered super loud for her big sis. 

I attempted to make her hair into a Christmas tree for today. It didn't turn out perfect but still looks festive. She loved it, and that is what matters most. 

Our girls looking merry and bright. The goal is to wear holiday clothes all week long. I love that they get into all the holiday craze with me. 

And there she is! Look at that super excited face!!!!!! I can't believe she is already having school concerts and getting so big! 


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