Baby Button

I spent most of Sunday at the hospital waititng to see if Button would be making her appearance. Luckily, it looks like we have another week or two of her safe and snug. The scare got me thinking about this pregnancy and how quickly the time has flown by. I can't believe we are in the "she could come any day" stage of pregnancy and that before too much longer our little family will be complete. I can't wait to hold our lil Button, but I am over the moon excited to see her with the big sisters. Ladybug and Jozy have started asking regularly if today is the day Button comes. Their excitement to meet her and love on her is pure bliss for me. Ladybug loves to cuddle into my lap and talk to Button, while Jozy just likes to give her hugs and kisses. I know our three girls will be fast friends and the love they share will be boundless. 

As for me? As excited as I am to finally hold our girl and be a complete family, I am also nervous. I learned after having Jozy that my love would multiply with each child, but my time will not. How do I balance three demanding kids and schedules? How do I make sure the big girls are getting enough quality time with me while trying to keep up with all the needs a new born has? How do I make sure the girls all know they are equally and greatly loved? These are my worries. 

I know with the help of my support network (Which I am eternally grateful for) I will get through. That it will take some time, patience and mistakes before we have a steady system. That I will sacrifice sleep, showers, and so much in order to give to my girls. That I also have an amazing husband/superhero, who will be there by my side to help shower our three miracles with all the love they need. So, I try not to worry too much. I try to plan and focus on little moments. I am trying to remember that I am not perfect and that's ok. That it's ok if our house isn't always in "guest ready" mode or that I opt for extra snuggles with a movie instead of an intense game of guess who. But mostly I try to remember to be thankful and how blessed we are.

There will be days that I feel like I am failing and days when everything falls into place. So as this stage of our family life is winding down and we wait for the next step, I am excited. I am ready and I am blessed!


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