Jozy Giraffe

As the time winds down and we get closer to Button's arrival; I find myself focusing more on little moments with Jozy. I am so glad we kept her home one more year and I get this extra one on one time with her. Soon she wont be the littlest but a medium sister and its so bitter sweet. It doesn't help that in a couple months we will be celebrating her 4th birthday! I'm telling you, I am no longer blinking! 

I love my days with just Jozy. They are always filled with the perfect amount of relaxing and adventure. She always has the best one liners and stories. And she makes every task so much more fun. Though one of my favorite things is slipping into my bed with her at nap time. Tucking her in and singing lullabies, or chatting about life. She always reaches for my hand right before drifting off and holds it the entire time. I hope even after Button is born, I can get them on a similar schedule so this routine continues. They are magically refreshing and I crave them everyday.

This has been such a fun stage and getting to see her really come into her own the last months has been awesome. This girl is so full of spunk and sass! She is always smiling and happy to just be. I love that about her and embrace it fully. She sees the world as magical and full of little sprinkles of goodness. I am so blessed to be along for the ride.

However every now and then, she just wants to spend the day cuddling. It's as if she can read my mind and knows that Mommy needs so extra snuggles.So we curl up with books or movies. We giggle and love.

Jozy giraffe is by far the perfect amount of sass and sweet. She will always be my baby and is going to rock at being a big sister!!!! I love her so!


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