Ladybug-6yrs 3months

I want to remember this stage of our life; where the girls are at right now. How we are as a family of four. I am so very ready to hold Button and all those wonderful moments that lie ahead of us. But I know it's important to remember the right now and really soak up life in this stage. Since I wrote Jozy last week, today is Bug's turn. 
I see so much of myself in her, the good and the bad. She has my feisty attitude and wild imagination. She has my divalicious take on the world spirit, but also the uncertainty that it can hide. She tries to avoid confrontation with those she loves, but wants to be just as awesome as everyone else. It's a hard combination, the sassy and insecurity. I know the struggle and it breaks my heart when I see her go through it. However our girl, is far better at it than I was. I see her overcoming the odds and finding balance. 
Ladybug as has the most sensitive giving heart I've ever seen. She carries pennies around to give as gifts. She looks for small ways to brighten someone's day and bless them with whatever it is she has to give. She cries at movies, even not so sad ones, but she feels so deeply into her soul. Her empathy and forgiveness amazes me. The boy who bullied her at the begining of the year has now become a friend. She is quick to defend him and help him find a better path. She is the first person to help when someone is hurt or just sad. I worry that it will be too much one day. That her level of love and emotion for people will get her hurt. It will, I know that. But I also know that God blessed her with this wonderful gift and for it she will make uniquely wonderful relationships. 
Her spunk and heart are so equally her. They have also helped her to become such a wonderful big sister. One that is protective, kind, loving and true. I can't imagine a more perfectly perfect big sis. 
She has grown so independent this year ands is begining to crave "her" time. With her quick wit and fast learning skills, it's no wonder she needs me a little less everyday. But once in awhile, she surprises me with extra snuggles or loves. Sometimes I think it's because she knows how much I will always need her or perhaps it's because she know I will always be there with open arms. 
I love you, baby girl. You are our first baby. The girl who made us parents and will always be. 


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