Button's birth story part 1

I dreamed of writing Button's birth story my whole pregnancy. I pictured our hospital stay from checking in to taking our brand new baby home. We had talked to the girls about Mommy staying in the hospital and how they would come up to meet their sister. We put together fun sister bags so they had something to do. We picked out Button's first outfit and her going home one. Hubbins bought her the cutest little lamb for her first stuffie and I picked the perfect baby book. We had a good friend ready to take pictures of the first moments as a family of five. I was beyond ready and excited to hold our bundle for the first time. But things don't always workout the way we dreamed. 
The morning started out normal full of potential. The girls stayed with my brother and sister in law, so Hubbins and I were able to take our time getting ready. I took a shower, put a little makeup on and double checked bags. We arrived to the hospital a smidgen early and got ready to start being induced. 
My labor began around 9:30am and slowly progressed. For the most part labor was mellow and Hubbins was super supportive. However around 3pm my contractions started to get hard, and I was only at 5cm dialated. I decided to get an epidural and was allowed to sit up. As they got ready to put my epidural in, the nurse saw that I was pushing. She checked me quickly and could feel the head. 
Button had her own plans and the doctor barley caught her. I literally went from dialated at 5 to baby in 10 minutes. It was incredible. Hubbins and I got to love on her and then the big sisters came in. I remember watching the girls meet Button and feeling this overwhelming love. I thought my heart might burst. It was the most incredible moment. 
However the moment was too short, after the rest of the family got to meet her things changed. Two hours after our girl was born, Button was placed in the nicu. The nurse had come in to check vitals and do the first bath; she noticed Button was breathing irregularly. That was the moment my idea was shattered. 


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