Button's first moments

We were so lucky to have an amazing friend and photography take pictures of meeting our little Button. I can't begin to thank her enough for the pictures, especially since right after our girl was admitted to the NICU (I will be doing a post on that later.) Anyway, I am so excited to share the pictures here. Thank you again, Kim with Guardipee Photography!

I love that we have these pictures. It was the best idea to have Hubbins and me in the room alone, and having these first precious moments with our little Button is priceless! 

 Holding his girl for the first time! 

 I can't begin to express my love for our little girl!
 The girls caught to come in and meet their little sister first. It was so amazing to see their instant love. Ladybug was a little apprehensive at first since Button was crying. She thought something was wrong, and was afraid to hurt her. Jozy however jumped right in to hold her baby sister.

 After Button calmed down, Bug was itching to hold her. 

 My favorite picture of them together! She is the best big sister ever! 
 Our new little family!

 Our three blessing! I am so proud to be their mom and love them with my heart and soul!

 Our hospital gives out big sister/brother bands that are similar to the ones parents and babies wear. The girls were so proud to get them. Ladybug actually wore hers everyday until Button came home!

 Proud Daddy
 This was after everyone left and right before the nurse discovered something was very wrong. I love that Bug is watching over her little sister, but these pictures are still so hard for me to see. 


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