One Month

Yesterday was Kristianna's one month! It seems so surreal since she hasn't even been home two weeks. I hate that we missed so much time with her, but I am so grateful that she is healthy now. 
I love this Zebra pillow pet my dad got her when she was in the NICU. I am going to use it for her monthly pictures. 
Weight/height: 7lbs 2oz and 21ins
Hair/eye color: red hair and gray eyes (I so hope she keeps them)
Eating: she is strictly on breast milk and I'm loving it. I wasn't able to solely breast feed this long with the big sisters, so this is awesome!
Sleep: she takes a good 3hr nap around 10am and again around midnight. Otherwise, she takes 2 shorter naps through out the day. You prefer to sleep snuggled with mommy or in the swing. 
Favorites: she loves tummy time, her binky, being in the carrier and mommy!
Milestones: her biggest one is surviving and graduating the NICU! She is also holding her head up for short spurts!!


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